Fran Levy is an experienced editor, writer, instructor, and researcher with a passion for empowering clients to succeed and share their stories.

As a freelance content editor and proofreader for both native and non-native English speakers, Fran nurtures writing proficiency across every discipline. Her bachelor’s degree in human geography from the University of Illinois and master’s degree in urban planning from Harvard have prepared her well for writing, editing, research, and instructional work in a number of fields. Fran’s studies spanned topics in history, community organizing, public health, civil rights, economics, graphic design, data visualization, transportation theory, public policy, and the environment. This broad array of coursework enhanced her natural skill at learning and simplifying complex concepts to communicate relevant knowledge to fellow professionals and the lay public.

As an instructor and private tutor, Fran employs her expertise, warmth, and enthusiasm to meet clients where they are. She believes in the importance of celebrating small achievements along the way to empower each client with the confidence to persevere at their studies.

2020 has propelled more professionals and students into remote work and study than ever before. Fran is committed to easing this transition for people of all ages. Her broad experience in face-to-face and remote editing and instruction benefits students and professionals now more than ever.

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