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I enjoy researching new topics and sharing their most intriguing aspects with a broad audience. As a result, this blog spans a number of different subjects. Feel free to peruse the categories I’ve touched upon so far. Have a new article request? I’d love to hear from you.

Sea-Level Rise: Adapting to Submerging Properties Along America’s Coastlines

Sea levels are rising, there’s no use denying it. How will we adapt to changing coastlines as shorefront buildings and roads become inundated? So many individuals, families, and organizations who own oceanfront property are at risk. Is shore protection—building barriers to hold back the sea—the only viable option? Perhaps not. As far back as 1998, […]

Monocrops and native plants in adjacent plots

Farming Innovations: Native Bees

Last month, I wrote about problems faced by honeybees, America’s most prominent pollinators, and how fostering honeybee habitats can be done in places as far-fetched as airports. Honeybees play an extremely important role in agriculture, but they’re not the only pollinators we rely upon for our food. Native insect species, including wild bees, also provide […]

College of Lake County, Illinois

Interview: Sustainability Manager, College of Lake County, Illinois

As every American knows, higher education plays a critical role for today’s workforce. Community colleges serve an important function in higher education, known primarily for providing local and affordable classes for certificate- and degree-seekers. The College of Lake County (CLC), Illinois, is an exemplary community college that enriches not only its students, but also the […]

Eastern Bumblebee on flower

Farming Innovations: Airport Beekeeping

The world has been talking about disappearing bees, or Colony Collapse Disorder, for nearly a decade now. Bees contribute enormously to our global food supply by pollinating the many fruit, nut, vegetable, legume, and seed crops we eat.

Misfit Strawberry

Food Waste: “Ugly Fruits”

Yesterday, I was pleased to hear that the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency joined forces to announce the U.S.’s first official national goal to decrease food waste: Their aim is to cut food waste in half by the year 2030.

How to use a semicolon

Evolving Punctuation

An unusual article caught my eye yesterday—about punctuation, of all things. I haven’t given much thought to punctuation since grammar school. (Except for the confusing semicolon, which haunts my dreams to this day…)