Holistic Genomics Blog

From 2014 to 2015 I served as content manager for the startup Holistic Genomics, where I researched biotechnology issues to generate articles and other written content for the company’s blog and social media accounts. This position enabled me to hone my blogging and Twitter skills in a biological sciences context, and demonstrated my ability to write for audiences beyond my field of study.

HolisticGenomics.com has closed, so please enjoy these copies of my blog posts:

  1. Why Worry About GMOs?
  2. GMOs and Monocropping: Two Peas in a Pod
  3. Bees and Our Food Supply
  4. Genetic Engineering without GMOs
  5. Precision Farming
  6. Agroecology
  7. Greenhouses Then and Now
  8. Farming for the Community
  9. Rooftop Gardening
  10. Green Roofs at the Big Game
  11. Community Gardens for Refugees
  12. Agrihoods